AMERICANA: The Photography of Keith May







Keith May

AMERICANA: The Photography of Keith May

Carrollton, GA


North Georgia photographer Keith May began his career in the art department of a rural newspaper but soon left for California to Art Direct National magazines. Years of leaning over a light-table editing other photographers’ work eventually led to a decision to leave the confines of an office to become a photojournalist himself. Assignments typically led to backroads and back alleys looking for eccentric outsiders and the world they inhabit. Exploring the Pacific Coast and Southwest–on two wheels and four–searching for the America romanticized by Steinbeck, Faulkner and Kerouac.

For 2013, he's exploring the Southeast and searching for more assignments that take him off the beaten path.


Inspection Station by Keith May


No Joke by Keith May


Cafe Motel by Keith May


Rear End by Keith May


Wet Feet by Keith May


The Gettin Place by Keith May


Gone Fishing by Keith May


Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Keith May


Little Gem by Keith May


Street Hockey by Keith May


Electric Bigfoot by Keith May


Hummingbird by Keith May


Intimacy by Keith May


Lone Pine Hardware by Keith May


Balancing Rock by Keith May


Yin Yang by Keith May


Infinity by Keith May